Known throughout the culinary world as one of the best meat companies in Los Angeles, HARVEY'S GUSS MEAT COMPANY has a long and rich history. Founded in 1939 by Abraham Gussman, or Abe Guss, for those who knew him, the meat company strived to supply the highest quality meat to the best Chefs in Los Angeles. His son, Harvey, who is still running the business today, would lend a hand during busy times, and soon became his father's protege. In 1955, Harvey started working full-time for his father's business, learning all the different aspects of the meat company. Top rated restaurants in Los Angeles became aware of the quality of the meat available at GUSS MEAT COMPANY, a boutique-style business, and soon world-famous Chefs were phoning in their orders.

In 1966, Abraham Gussman retired and left the business to Harvey and his brother who became partners. One of the most memorable moments for the company was in 1976, when Wolfgang Puck requested that Harvey not only suppliy the meat for one of his famous dinners in Cannes for 450 guests, but also travel with him to cut the meat on the premises. That event, along with more business from LA's top restaurants, propelled the company into the 80's where they enjoyed tremendous success and growth. Later, in 1994, Harvey took over the entire business, and was determined to bring back the "boutique" aspect of the meat company. He did so, and today HARVEY'S GUSS MEAT COMPANY is considered by many to be the best meat supplier in LA. The company has been featured in several magazines and newspapers, as well as on many TV shows on the Food Network and others. Today, Harvey Gussman is still the main man behind HARVEY'S GUSS MEAT COMPANY, who is now referred to by many Chefs as LA's BEST KEPT SECRET!